Please note that ALL PHOTOS used on this website were taken on the Wiets Ranch

Mike, Teresa Holm and Tim Kuhlmey – Minnesota USA

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We are all very lucky, for our first time in Africa to have been at Wiets Safari. From the beginning, we were made to feel at home and welcomed into the Family. The experiences we have had exceed anything we could have expected. The meals that Elsa cooks everyday are outstanding and we have all gained some weight during this trip. Marita and Freek, we have enjoyed having dinner with you and telling stories by the fire. Thank you for having organized a quality hunt. Our PH Etienne was amazing, he provided a professional quality experience for all of us. He spent many hours every day helping us find “just the right” trophy to bring home. We really appreciated all of his hard work and being positive even when we were part of the “guts r’ us” squad. We had a hard time hitting them “on the shoulder”. Palie was a great tracker and a wonderful driver, he was amazing at avoiding all the trees, bushes and holes in the field. He was always ready to help with anything we needed. We have many highlights of this trip. The lions stand out in our minds. We could hear them as we sat by the fire. Seeing them being fed was amazing. Their power and strength was different than anything you see at the zoo. Visiting the lion cages at night overwhelmed our senses, hearing them close to us but not being able to see them. Thank you so much for making all of our dreams come true. Hope to see you soon!

Mike, Teresa Holm + Tim Kuhlmey