Please note that ALL PHOTOS used on this website were taken on the Wiets Ranch

Craig Combs- Argyle,Texas,USA

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What an incredible experience!!  To be able to share this with one of my sons was truly a dream  come true! Being my first trip to Africa, I was not  sure what to expect. It was beyond my imagination. Top notch game, hunting, people food, accommodations, hospitality-you name it!!! WE HAD A BLAST!!! Thanks to Marita, Mark, Adrian, Hannalie, Johannes+Paulie  for their hard work and expertise. And especially, thanks to  Uncle Wiets for his dream commitment to bring such a  Wonderful place to fruition! Thanks a million to all! I will treasure our memories here for the rest of my life!!!
Graig Combs, Ph.P  •  Chaplain (MAJ-P) US Army NG