Please note that ALL PHOTOS used on this website were taken on the Wiets Ranch

Alex Burkley , Pittsburg, Pensylvania, USA

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“This is my first hunting trip outside of PA. This place is beautiful and I loved it dearly. The group I was with was just my dad and grandpa. Between me and my dad we took 12 animals. My first animal was at a salt blind, and it was with my crossbow – springbuck. After that I took a Blesbuck at about 120-150 yrds. Then I took a Red Hartebeest at about 50-70 yards. A grey Duiker at 60-70 yrds, and then a Gemsbuck from the top of the hill at 60-75 yrds. My final animal was the hardest to get a hold of – Jackal! The PH is the best you will ever meet, he will work his butt off, so treat him with respect. The food is the best!